October 28, 2015 / by Eric

As everybody knows from our frequent collaborations with Queer Geek Seattle, our hosting of Cosplay Seattle, our support for GeekGirlCon and our regulars’ notoriety for genderbent cosplay,

Yes. Oh, oh yes.

Yes. Oh, oh yes.

we are a fun, safe, place for people of all genders, sexualities, ethnicities and phenotypes to get together and play dress up.

And what better time to do that than Dia de los Muertos or its lesser known American cousin “Halloween.” Both of which are days that we will be open, slingin’ the beers, playin’ the pinball,

Like a champ, baby. Like. A. Champ.

Like a champ, baby. Like. A. Champ.

aaaand if you show up in costume, handing out free goodies. That’s right! We’re bringing back “the goodie bowl!” Come by in costume this Friday or Saturday and we’ll give you a FREE mini, collectible or rando thing that we found from our sweet, sweet bowl.

Ah, sweet bowls.

See you soon.


October 08, 2014 / by Eric

In case any of you missed it over on the CHS Blog, the L|td Gallery is moving into the Raygun Lounge and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Skylar is thrilled

Not only does this partnership help us meet our zoning requirements but with Black Coffee leaving, the L|td and the Art Primo Gallery both moving into the neighborhood, and True Love staying awesome right where they are, the corner of Pine and Crawford is about to become the pop culture art walk epicenter of Seattle.

"So that's Pine and Crawford then, is it?"

Pine and Crawford as seen from Tukwilla.

The L|td are working hard to get our new space ready for their first show Gods & Monsters featuring work by Augie Pagan and Raygun alumn Aaron Jasinski next Saturday, October 18th at 7pm.

Gods and Monsters

In the meantime, you can come by and see their progress anytime or meet them in person and check out some of their previous prints at our shared booth at GeekGirlCon this weekend.


See you soon,


October 15, 2013 / by Eric

Geek Girl Con

It’s GeekGirlCon at the Washington State Convention Center this weekend and we have three possible ways for you to participate this year.

First, you can simply go. Why not? It’s right down the street! You’re a woman. Or someone who respects and supports them. And you’re a geek. You are! Oh, okay, maybe you’re a nerd. Or a dweeb. Where’s that handy chart when I need it? Look my point is, own whatever you are and how you define yourself. Embrace it. Be out and be proud. Be you, whoever you are. Then go have some fun, make some friends and discover some new things around some shared interests at Geek Girl Con. Let your geek flag fly.

We have one day advance passes available at the shop for $20, full weekend passes available $35 and kids day passes available for only $5. Five dollars!!?! That’s some serious family entertainment value right there, let me tell you! We’re open every day from noon until 8pm from now until this weekend so you could pick them up whenever it’s convenient for you.

Second, if you’re more the hands-on behind-the-scenes type, we’ve got a couple of volunteer opportunities available this year. We could use one person to help us set up our booth on Friday and someone to check in on us a couple of times a day on Saturday and Sunday. None of these opportunities is particularly strenuous, all include a custom t-shirt and free pass for the day that you’re volunteering and provide a unique backstage view of the convention. If you’re interested, send an inquiry email to gammaraygamestore@gmail.com and let me know what your interests and availability are.

And thirdly, and finally, though we’re not throwing an official GGC welcome party this year, if you’re flying in from out of town on Friday and would like to check out our Raygun Lounge while you’re in town, we would love to have you join us for our One Year Anniversary and Kickstarter Fulfillment Party on Friday night.