Tuesday February 21 / 7:00 PM
Seattle Indies meetup

Every third Tuesday, those mad geniuses, the Seattle Indies, take over our space from top to bottom to eat, drink, talk, discuss & playtest their (and your!) latest works. This is a private event but they’re nice people and would probably let you join them if you recited their sacred oath in whatever coding language is hot right now.

Seattle Indies
February 23 / 7:00 PM
Tabletop and Video Gaym Night

Every first Tuesday and fourth Thursday, we are thrilled to partner with the Seattle Gaymers to continue to bring you Seattle’s most popular biweekly gay console and tabletop gaming event with open gaming, friendly crowds and drink specials for everyone.

Seattle Gaymers
Friday February 24 / 6:00 PM
Food Truck Champion Launch Party!

Local designers Luke & Nicole of Playtest NW fame have teamed up with our friends Daily Magic Games to kickstart and publish the game that they themselves have been playtesting at their monthly events here for the past two years, Food Truck Champion and we are absolutely thrilled to be hosting their launch party for it. Come and join local designers and special guests as they unveil and play the final prototype of their great new game with you for free food and drink prizes!

Nicole Jekich of Daily Magic Games
Sunday February 26 / 2:00 PM
Bears vs Babies Playtest

Be a part of history by giving The Oatmeal‘s brand new game, Bears vs Babies, one last playtest before it’s finalized for production!

Melissa & Kaitlyn McNally
Thursday March 2 / 7:30 PM
Comicon Trivia Night

That’s right, kids! ECCC is back! And with it, come our usual suspects from Nerdhole and that other podcast for all intents and purposes to remind you annually that you seriously don’t know enough about Forever Knight. Free entry, crazy prizes, special guests and I’ve even heard a rumor that all three screens will be working this year (don’t believe the hype)!

all of 'em every last one
Saturday March 4 / 7:00 PM
NW Nerd Comicon Cosplay Party

Almost famous NW Nerd Podcast hosts Nick & Dyer are throwing an ECCC cosplay after party featuring a photo wall and costume contest with judges like comic artist Corey Lewis and cosplayers Jerikandra & Abi Sue and prizes from Pacific Fabrics, Outsider Comics and many more! So whether you’re in costume or a fan, get yer butt over to this amazing, inclusive, all ages party for cosplay, commentary, connection, comics… I’m running out of good C words here. We’ve also got beer, wine, cider (another good C word!), pinball and a barcade! In town for ECCC? This is your night to come up and check us out!

Nick & Dyer in the morning
Saturday March 11 / 6:00 PM
Gamers of Color

Gamers of all shades, hues, backgrounds and ethnicities get together to get to know one another and their respective communities through drinking, eating and tabletop gaming together.

Hector Raphael Mojica
Thursday March 9 / 7:00 PM
Women of Color Boardgame Meetup

Women of color unite! And play some games together. Gaming is such an incredible way to come together, relax and have fun and we are so glad to be the place where so many unique, interesting, diverse, mutually accepting groups come together to do it. If you’re a woman of any color, tonight is your night. Let us welcome, host and serve you a great evening of ease, relaxation and camaraderie in a friendly, low key, comfortable environment.

Vijeta Patel
Friday March 17 / 7:00 PM
Drag Against Humanity

Reigning Empress of Seattle, DonnaTella Howe, brings you an evening of mirth, merriment, the world’s most offensive card game and possibly it’s knock off, the one we actually carry. Either way, it’ll be a grand time had by all.

DonnaTella Howe
Tuesday / 3:30 PM
Open Gaming with J.D.

J.D. and his friends spend their Tuesday afternoons right! Playing games and drinking beer! And you’re invited to join them! Bring your own games, borrow some out of our library or try some of theirs. It’s a always a good time had by all.

J.D. and the Fun Time Gang
Tuesday / 6:30 PM

Our solid group of friendly, competitive players make this the finest Android: Netrunner LCG casual play in the city while we take a breather before our Spring league starts up in April.

Tuesday / 7:00 PM
Monster Hunter

That’s right! Our immensely popular monthly Monster Hunter Meet & Play event is now WEEKLY! So grab your DS and get on in here for some massively cooperative monster hunting!

Wednesday / 6:30 PM
D&D Encounters

D&D Next is reinvigorating fantasy roleplaying and bringing a whole new generation of players into the fold. If you’d like to come and try it for yourself, this open-to-the-public game night is for you.

DM Tim
Wednesday / 7:00 PM
Wednesday Night Modern

Our New Modern is a sanctioned constructed modern format Magic the Gathering tournament that features generous prize support and a free sandwich or drink, all for only $12.50. Please arrive early as event begins promptly at 7pm to ensure adequate play time. Thank you.

Friday / 7:00 PM
Electric Boogaloo

On Friday nights we go ELECTR… onic, with a rotating calendar of console and handheld video gaming like Hearthstone, Super Smash Brothers & Rock Band! Plug in, drop out and see special events listings above for more details.

Loki the ferret
Saturday / Noon & 4:00 PM
Deluxe Drafting

On Saturdays, we draft! Twice, even!

Draft #1 starts at noon, and draft #2 starts at 4 p.m. Or somewhere close to those times. You know how Magic players are.

$15 entry fee, sanctioned, always the current draft format except for when it occasionally isn’t. Join us, won’t you?

Margot, usually
Sunday / 4:00 pm
Magic the Gathering EDH

Join us for an afternoon of Magic’s most casual group format, Elder Dragon Highlander. Our EDH nights feature full tables, crazy decks & chill players for one of the best nights of of the game.

Hazduhr the Abbot