Every Wednesday / 7:00 PM
Wednesday Night Modern

Friday Night Magic? Neeeeever heard of it. But this is Capitol Hill’s longest running weekly Modern Constructed event ever. Heck, this one goes all the way back to the Capitol Club. And if you can remember that place, congratulations, you can actually call yourself a local now. $12.50 buy in. 3 round swiss tournament. Sweet prizes for 2-1 and 3-0. Unsanctioned (so our friends from Wizards can come and play if they want to- and heads up, they do) but still no proxies- come on now, we’re casual, but not that casual. Dress up when you go out. This is Capitol Hill on a Wednesday night, damnit.

Every Saturday / Noon & 4:00 PM
Saturday Morning Magic

That’s right, my planeswalkers, every Saturday at noon and 4pm we draft the latest Magic sets in all their intended glory. Right now that’s two packs of Hour of Devastation plus one pack of Amonkhet. $15 buy in gets you 3 drafted packs, three rounds of swiss style competition & generous prize support for top 3 in every pod.

Friday August 25 / 7:00 PM
Gamer Munch

It’s Capitol Hill’s premiere munch! And if you know what I mean by that, then congratulations! You’re invited! And if you don’t know what I mean by that, then congratulations! You’re still invited. You may just be in for a few surprises when you get here!

Sart Rowe munch
Saturday August 26 / 3:00 PM
Quicksilver Ball Pinball & Bicycle Biathlon

Yes. That’s right. We here at the Raygun Lounge take our Olympic sports very seriously. Which is why we’re proud to be an official stop on the Third Annual Quicksilver Ball Pinball & Bicycle Biathlon. Yes, it is too a real thing, alright! With all the real sports stuff that you would expect from a real olympic event. Liiike… greek words! And balls! Silver balls, even. Isn’t there a Christmas song about that? “Silver Balls… silver balls… soon it will be…” Sorry, I digress. Bikes and balls. We’ve got ’em. You can too. Come grab our silver balls, Christmas style.BMX pin

The BMX Bandits
Saturday August 26 / Sunset
The Hangover

It’s Jones Soda‘s 21st birthday. And to celebrate, they’re spiking their soda. That’s right! This Saturday, you can come and try your first taste of this cider-based take on their classic Green Apple Soda flavor all while watching our very special 21st birthday gift to them- a free showing of the best “21st birthday themed” movie we could think of… 2009’s The Hangover.

Jones Soda
Monday August 28 / 7:00 PM
Tabletop and Video Gaym Night

We are thrilled to partner with the Seattle Gaymers every other Monday to bring you Seattle’s most popular biweekly gay console and tabletop gaming event with open gaming, friendly crowds and drink specials for everyone.

Seattle Gaymers
Thursday August 31 / 7:30 PM
PAX Trivia Night

Come start your PAX experience right with Seattle’s longest running PAX Trivia night. What is this, like 5 years now? You know what, let’s run with that. Let’s call it PAX Trivia Night V and have categories about the V miniseries and ‘V is for Vendetta.’ Yes. This is gonna be so great. Teams of up to 6 players each. Free entry. Loads of sweet, sweet swag. No badges required. No badgers either. Yes, I just made a UHF joke there. If you got it, you should totally come out to this. We’ve got your number.

Taylor Katcher taylor pic
Friday September 1 / 2:00 PM
Planet of the Apes Miniatures Boardgame demo

It’s a planet… of apes! And it’s coming to your tabletop! Gaming legend Simon Berman will be in town for two days only to demo this amazing new miniatures game for you. If apes, miniatures or Simon are your jam, you won’t want to miss this rare opportunity to get in on all three of them at once.

Simon Berman
Friday September 1 / 10:00 PM
Extra Credits Fan Afterparty

The world’s foremost game design scholars, the Extra Credits will be in the house to meet, greet, drop the knowledge and this celebrate this amazing once-a-year event with you.

the Extra Credits!
Saturday September 2 / 7:00 PM
PAX Cosplay Party

Almost famous NW Nerd Podcast hosts Nick & Dyer are throwing a PAX cosplay after party featuring a photo wall and costume contest with judges like comic artist Corey Lewis and cosplayers Jerikandra & Abi Sue and prizes from Pacific Fabrics, Outsider Comics and many more! So whether you’re in costume or a fan, get yer butt over to this amazing, inclusive, all ages party!

Nick & Dyer in the morning
Sunday September 3 / 8:00 PM
Game Jolt PAX Indie Dev Gathering

Game Jolt brings you the finest after party of PAX Prime ’17! Featuring a custom themed menu, guest devs and freeplay consoles of some of this year’s hottest indie releases, this is going to be THE event of the season for you to attend. Be here!

Game Jolt
Sunday September 10 / 2:00 PM
Playtest NW

Gaming legend Sam “how come I don’t get a bandit hat” Strick takes over from Nicole to restart our monthly PlaytestNW series of fun and testing with some of our region’s best indie designers, publishers and playtesters. Bring your latest creation and/or see what everyone else is working on.

Sam Strick
Friday September 15 / 7:00 PM
DonnaTella Against Humanity

DonnaTella’s BACK! And she’s ready for some hot, sweet Cards against Humanity action. WITH YOOOUUU! Yes! Yes! YESSS! Say, did I mention that we serve espresso now? I hope I did. Because I am WIRED right now. DonnaTella, CaH, what else do you need to know?

No. Really. Did I forget anything?

DonnaTella Howe
Saturday September 16 / 6:00 PM
Gamers of Color

Gamers of all shades, hues, backgrounds and ethnicities get together to get to know one another and their respective communities through drinking, eating and tabletop gaming together.

Hector Raphael Mojica
Tuesday September 19 / 7:00 PM
Seattle Indies meetup

Every third Tuesday, those mad geniuses, the Seattle Indies, take over our space from top to bottom to eat, drink, talk, discuss & playtest their (and your!) latest works. This is a private event but they’re nice people and would probably let you join them if you recited their sacred oath in whatever coding language is hot right now.

Seattle Indies
Thursday September 21 / 7:00 PM
Gaming Grrls Night

It’s time for some grrls and gaming at Raygun Lounge, hosted EVERY THIRD THURSDAY. This is an inclusive event: trans women, LGBTQ women, non-binary and genderqueer folks are all welcome.

We’ll have a couple of tables reserved for members of this event to play games, from card games to board games and more! There will be 2 D&D tables suitable for beginners- first come first served for the first 12 attendees.

Come, bring your friends, have fun with us, meet lovely folks, and grab a beer, wine, soda, cider or even mead.
pony D

Gaming Grrls Group
Saturday & Sunday September 23 & 24 / Noon & 5pm
MtG Ixalan Prerelease

New quarter, new Magic release. And this time they’re goin’… pirates and dinosaurs? Well alright then! We’ll open preregistration for this amazing new set in early September. In the meantime, enjoy the Wizard’s first official promo video from their brave new world of adventure.

Queen Margot
Wednesdays & Saturdays / see Special Events listings above for details

If you’d like to book a Special Event with us, just call us at 206-812-2521 or email us at gammaraycounter@gmail.com and we’ll happily take care of you!