Thursday June 22 / 7:30 PM
Geek Out Pride Trivia

The Unusual Suspects are back for one Very Special Pride edition of our very own Geek Out Trivia. Think you know all that there is to know about LBGTQ comics, movies and pop culture? Well think again! Then get yer team down here for this free all ages inclusive event to show off you geek knowledge stuff and win… stuff? Do we give out prizes for this thing? I dunno. Here’s a music video with lots of pop cultural references in it!

Andrew & the Unusual Suspects
Every Saturday / Noon & 4:00 PM
Amonkhet Draft Day

Well, the official Wizards of the Coast MtG Amonkhet Draft Day is over, but why let that stop us? Until the next set drops, every Saturday is going to be Amonkhet Draft Day around here. Walk like an Egyptian, baby.

Monday June 26 / 7:00 PM
Tabletop and Video Gaym Night

We are thrilled to partner with the Seattle Gaymers every other Monday to bring you Seattle’s most popular biweekly gay console and tabletop gaming event with open gaming, friendly crowds and drink specials for everyone.

Seattle Gaymers
Monday June 26 / 7:00 PM
Progressive Pinball Tournament

Every Monday from now through July 10! Seattle’s biggest Progressive Pinball Tournament (right now)! Qualify for the finals on July 17 for your (good!) chance at a $500 cash prize! $5 buy in per night, winner gets seat at the finals, top 2 & 3 get prizes, swag and glory!
pro pin

Johnny Mnemonic
Every Wednesday / 7:00 PM
Wednesday Night Modern

Friday Night Magic? Neeeeever heard of it. But this is Capitol Hill’s longest running weekly Modern Constructed event ever. Heck, this one goes all the way back to the Capitol Club. And if you can remember that place, congratulations, you can actually call yourself a local now. $12.50 buy in. 3 round swiss tournament. Sweet prizes for 2-1 and 3-0. Unsanctioned (so our friends from Wizards can come and play if they want to- and heads up, they do) but still no proxies- come on now, we’re casual, but not that casual. Dress up when you go out. This is Capitol Hill on a Wednesday night, damnit.

Saturday July 1 / 6:00 PM
Gamers of Color

Gamers of all shades, hues, backgrounds and ethnicities get together to get to know one another and their respective communities through drinking, eating and tabletop gaming together.

Hector Raphael Mojica
Saturday July 8 / Noon & 5pm
Hour of Devastation Prerelease

That’s right! The latest MtG release is (almost) here! And, as always, we are your source for all of your Hour of Devastation prerelease, preorder and products needs. (Needs, we tell you. Needs!) But we can only handle so much devastation this particular weekend, so we are only hosting Saturday events this particular prerelease weekend. Given how popular our prerelease weekends are, these will sell out so if you want to get a seat at this table, you’ll want to preregister NOW!

Queen Margot
Tuesday July 18 / 7:00 PM
Seattle Indies meetup

Every third Tuesday, those mad geniuses, the Seattle Indies, take over our space from top to bottom to eat, drink, talk, discuss & playtest their (and your!) latest works. This is a private event but they’re nice people and would probably let you join them if you recited their sacred oath in whatever coding language is hot right now.

Seattle Indies
Thursday August 10 / 7:00 PM
Women of Color Boardgame Meetup

Women of color unite! And play some games together. Gaming is such an incredible way to come together, relax and have fun and we are so glad to be the place where so many unique, interesting, diverse, mutually accepting groups come together to do it. If you’re a woman of any color, tonight is your night. Let us welcome, host and serve you a great evening of ease, relaxation and camaraderie in a friendly, low key, comfortable environment.

Vijeta Patel
Wednesdays & Saturdays / see Special Events listings above for details

If you’d like to book a Special Event with us, just call us at 206-812-2521 or email us at gammaraycounter@gmail.com and we’ll happily take care of you!