November 23, 2015 / by Eric

While we laud REI’s recent decision to close on the Friday after Thanksgiving to “send all of their staff out into the wilderness,” our staff have actually asked us very specifically to never send them out into the woods again.

actual image of staff in wilderness

actual image of staff interacting with nature the last time that they ever did it

Instead, knowing that they will have just spent a wonderful day together “eating, drinking and hanging out in my parent’s hot tub together” (actual quote, pics to follow), the staff decided to go the traditional route with their post-Thanksgiving Friday and announce our


ALL NEW BOARDGAMES & RPG BOOKS, buy one get a second one (of equal or lesser value) for HALF OFF! (that’s insane! WE KNOW!)

discounted up to 40% OFF (see comments about INSANITY above)

ALL MAGIC SINGLES 15% OFF All of them! Which of them? ALL OF THEM!

ALL MAGIC INSTA-COLLECTIONS HALF OFF That’s an INCREDIBLE DEAL on magic cards right there, let me tell you.

All in the name of BRAK.


And yes, I think it’s as strange as you do that of all of the amazing cartoon characters that America has produced, Brak would be the only one to end up with a major holiday named after him.

Maybe it’s because he did a Very Special Thanksgiving Episode?

I don’t know. But we’re not going to let anything as simple as a complete lack of cultural of historical understanding stop us from continuing to celebrate Brak Friday in it’s traditional manner; with absurdist humor, oddly proportioned costumes, silly voices and DEALS ALL DAY.

So come on down and see us! You’ll be glad you did!

October 28, 2015 / by Eric

As everybody knows from our frequent collaborations with Queer Geek Seattle, our hosting of Cosplay Seattle, our support for GeekGirlCon and our regulars’ notoriety for genderbent cosplay,

Yes. Oh, oh yes.

Yes. Oh, oh yes.

we are a fun, safe, place for people of all genders, sexualities, ethnicities and phenotypes to get together and play dress up.

And what better time to do that than Dia de los Muertos or its lesser known American cousin “Halloween.” Both of which are days that we will be open, slingin’ the beers, playin’ the pinball,

Like a champ, baby. Like. A. Champ.

Like a champ, baby. Like. A. Champ.

aaaand if you show up in costume, handing out free goodies. That’s right! We’re bringing back “the goodie bowl!” Come by in costume this Friday or Saturday and we’ll give you a FREE mini, collectible or rando thing that we found from our sweet, sweet bowl.

Ah, sweet bowls.

See you soon.


September 23, 2015 / by Aric Fehrenbacher

Battle for Zendikar is here! The Eldrazi are back!

Is this not a reasonable place to park?

Is this not a reasonable place to park?

Planeswalkers have consistent design! Enemy colored man-lands (why can’t we call them lady-lands or just creature-lands?!)! No more color seeded pre-release packs! Getting to play a game we all enjoy with awesome people!

Now, I’ve heard that some of you grumpier planeswalkers out there are groaning over how quickly Magic is returning to Zendikar. Well I for one welcome the glorious return of our new tentacled and tongue-abdomened overlords, but putting personal politics aside I think this is going to be one of the best pre-releases ever. How (you impossibly ask without typing thus confirming that yes, you may indeed be the telepath your step-mother said you could never be)?

Well, first off our three pre-releases taking place at 12pm and 5pm on Saturday and 12pm on Sunday are only $25 if you preregister in store before the 26th! And our prize structure will be as dope as ever over a three-round sealed tourney insuring that everyone (yes even you 0-3 Scrubby Mcscrubberson) walks away with something. Cheaper pre-releases? Prizes for everyone? What sweet hell is this?


Seen here in his natural environment. Sitting on the lap of a complete stranger.

Seen here in his natural environment.
Sitting on the lap of a complete stranger.

Play him and get a pack, win and get another pack! It’s a win-win you fools!

Finally, we will have the kindest, most supportive, and best-looking Magic community in all of Seattle present.
Team Gamma
Now I maybe biased but the members of Team Gamma (patent pending) are some of the most inclusive, patient, and best behaved players in this entire city and I will engage in a well-choreographed dance-rumble with anyone who claims otherwise. Whether this is going to be your first prerelease or your 50-billionth, you should come on down to Gamma Ray Games, get a drink, and play some cards for incredibly low stakes with people who are just as excited as you to play with new cards that feature the love-spawn of Geiger and Lovecraft. I’ll see you there.

All of My Love,
Aric Fehrenbacher

P.S. “What’s the prize structure?” We haven’t received our product yet to verify so I’ll have a much better idea when it actually arrives on Thursday but expect it to be an incredibly even spread. So if you’re thinking of coming down to try and shark our players there will be very little in it for you. Also you suck.

August 26, 2015 / by Eric

Then come check us out! Not only are we the only tabletop gaming store within walking distance (or a quick affordable cab ride!) from your downtown accommodations, but we’re also an all-ages game pub serving beer, wine, cider & mead AND a barcade featuring 7 arcade cabinets and 6 pinball machines of your favorite retro classics.


And that’s not all! This week we’ve got a number of special events guaranteed to make your Seattle experience memorable!

Thursday 08/27 8:00pm

Bring your nerd knowledge a-game for a very special PAX edition of our very own Geek Out Trivia Night featuring special guests from a Podcast for All Intents and Purposes and NERDHOLE!


Friday 08/28 7:00pm

Join the women of Bitch Team Alpha and Can’t Talk Media for Give Me a Quest II, an evening of gaming, reveling and general awesomeness to support the Take This project.


Saturday 08/29 6:00pm

Whether you are on your way up to the PAX Pink Party Prime or are looking for an inclusive all ages alternative, come out and join us and Queer Geek Seattle for the second annual official Preparty.


Sunday and Monday 08/30 & 08/31

We will be open all day both days for you to have one last great experience with friends new and old before you head back home.

lounge party

So come on up and see us while you’re here. You’ll be glad you did. We’ll see you soon.

July 09, 2015 / by Aric Fehrenbacher

Hello, I’m Aric Fehrenbacher. You may remember me from such blog posts as Aric’s Last Shift (I came back) and Why You Should Be Watching Professional Starcraft (WHY AREN’T YOU!) or you maybe more familiar with my work was “that guy who is always behind the bar who wears stripped button-ups gesticulating wildly at the beer cooler”.

I’m here today to share with you some exciting news about my personal favorite subject booze. We here at The Raygun Lounge have slowly been refining our menu to more accurately resemble an establishment that sells awesome, interesting beers, ciders, and now, meads. As much as I love Deschutes and Newcastle they are pretty basic as far as beer choices go and we live in the PNW home to hundreds of small independent breweries making amazing brew!


Mountains! Beer! Trees! Cascadia Now!

With the help of Orcas Distributing we now carry some of the most unique and tasty brews available to a small gaming establishment without access to draft beer. But enough jibber jabber allow me show you some of my new favorites which a few of our bar regulars have “agreed” to model for us.

Uncommon Brewing Bacon Brown


So we picked this assuming it would be a kitschy novelty beer and probably be terrible in reality. I mean Bacon+Beer? Turns out it’s just an amazingly solid bodied brown ale with a subtle hit of delicious gristle at the end. Also, yes it is actually brewed with a pound of uncured bacon.

Celt Thirsty Warrior


I cannot say enough good things about this cider, and I think drinking cider is a sin against Raugupatis (look it up). If you think you like Angry Orchard (you don’t) one sip of this will make you realize that you’ve been wasting your time and money all this time sending you into an existential crisis the likes of which only protagonists in Lovecraft stories have ever experienced. I may have gotten carried away there but trust me, it’s really good (Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn).

Lost Continent Double IPA

Kelly beer

You think you know what a Northwest IPA should taste like? Not until you’ve laid your lips upon one of these mega-hoppy bad boys you presumptuous fool. A miracle of modern brewing that somehow treads the line between tasting like you’re chewing straight hops and being immensely drinkable. Schrodinger’s beer?

Moonlight Meads


Some people (losers) say that mead is for neckbeardy weirdos who can’t handle real alcohol. Well those people hate vikings and viking related activities, hence losers. Regardless of your feelings towards nordic subjects this mead is bomb as #$*&.  Every flavor is different and interesting capturing the sweet honey core that any good mead should have while experimenting with berries, ginger, vanilla, and currants in ways that morph the flavor into something truly unique.

Are you thirsty yet? Well then come on down to the Raygun for this weekend’s Magic Origins Prerelease or come in next week for our other amazing events which I guarantee will make you want to drink. That’s a little bartender humor for you. Stay classy Seattle.

July 08, 2015 / by Matthew Martell

Dear readers, who also happen to be wizard people, hello! I am writing to you from A PIT OF FIRE. I AM ON FIRE. REGATHA IS BASICALLY ALL FIRE ALL THE TIME OH GOD IT HURTS PLEASE MAKE IT STOP.

I apologize profusely for my long absence from this blog. You see, one night in July 2013, shortly after my last post, I went on a bit of a bender, and got lost in the Blind Eternities while planeswalking away from local Seattle law enforcement (I wasn’t relieving myself on that fire hydrant; that’s slander. SLANDER I TELL YOU).

Once I sobered up and oriented myself with the nothingness, I spent some time stumbling from plane to plane, partially in search of fellow Magic philosophers, mostly in search of aspirin because OH GOD HANGOVERS WHILE DRIFTING THROUGH THE BLIND ETERNITIES ARE THE WORST. Aspirin apparently does not exist in the Magic multiverse. I have had a headache for the last two years. It has been mightily unpleasant, to say the least.

Fortunately, I was able to meet some fellow philosophers on my journey to relieve my eternal hangover. I became fast friends in particular with one I encountered on Rath — fast indeed, because she grew up among heart slivers — a planeswalker named meat hooks.

Yes, dear readers, meat hooks is a sliver. Probably the smartest sliver I’ve ever met! She will be writing the rest of this post for me, as I’m currently struggling to remain conscious, because, as I mentioned earlier, I AM CURRENTLY ON FIRE IN A PIT OF FIRE ON A PLANE PRETTY MUCH MADE OF FIRE. meat, you’re a doll. Well, okay, you’re actually a sliver, and not of the doll-like Metallic variety (meat can be a bit too literal for my tastes sometimes…). Thanks so much for assisting in this Magic Origins prerelease primer while I attempt to use my magic to keep the very core of my being from being set ablaze!

Hello, readers! My name is meat hooks, and, as Matthew mentioned, I am a sliver. But I am also a planeswalker, a feminist, a philosopher, and avid slinger of red spells in this game we all adore!

With that in mind, I’m here to help you choose your prerelease pool, but not by the metrics many other Magic writers might recommend. Power level of overall card pool? Who cares! Expected monetary value of rares within that color? Sliver Hives are collectivist and reject capitalist economic ideas out of hand (or, erm, hook, really)! Color preference based on any number of personal predilections? That’s fine, I suppose, but we as a community can do better! I’m here to help you choose your prerelease pool based on the most important factor: how feminist the planeswalker’s origin story/overall world is!

For those among you who are not avid Vorthoses like myself, I’ll be providing summaries of each Magic Origins planeswalker’s, erm, origin story, before jumping into the reasons why you should or should not choose to align yourselves with that ‘walker during prerelease. Let’s dive in, shall we?

White: Kytheon Iora/Gideon Jura
Kytheon, Hero of AkrosGideon, Battle-Forged

TL;DR origin story:
Kytheon Iora and his Irregulars (aka friends/soldier bros) are vigilantes on the streets of Akros (a city in Theros); Kytheon gets arrested for stealing food for his family/friends; Kytheon learns hieromancy (law magic) from some dude named Hixus while in prison; Kytheon saves Akros from some harpies and cyclopes using said law magic; Kytheon gets tasked by Heliod (Theros’s Zeus impersonator/gigantic asshole primary god) with killing a zombie titan thing made by Erebos, the god of death; Kytheon kills said zombie titan; Kytheon kills his Irregulars, accidentally; Kytheon planeswalks to Bant; (later) Kytheon Iora becomes Gideon Jura, because Bant has angels and inexplicably Christian names and shit, yo.

Is Kytheon/Gideon’s origin story feminist?
Not explicitly, but it definitely doesn’t shy away from pointing out how Akroan society/general Theros mythology is full of patriarchal assholes, so kinda?

Does Kytheon/Gideon’s origin story pass the Bechdel test?
I think there is one woman featured in the entire story, and she doesn’t even have a name. So, NOPE.

Should you play white at the prerelease?
If you like laws and burly dudes with tragic, classically Ancient Greek origin stories and overpowered common and uncommon creatures, yes!

Blue: Jace Beleren
Jace, Vryn's ProdigyJace, Telepath Unbound
TL;DR origin story:
Jace Beleren lives on Vryn and has no friends because everyone thinks he’s a freak; Jace is a telepath, so basically he IS a freak; Jace accidentally lobotomizes a bully because mind control is a helluva drug; Jace finds a teacher named Alhammarret, who is also a telepath AND A SPHINX!!; Alhammarret is a bad dude-sphinx who is using Jace to keep up an endless war on Vryn that isn’t well-explained or particularly detailed in the lore; Jace makes Alhammarret forget how to breathe during a MIND DUEL; Jace loses most of his memories during said MIND DUEL and winds up planeswalking to Ravnica; Jace goes to find Emmara Tandris, because apparently she likes orphans or something.

Is Jace’s origin story feminist?
Unclear, but I think we can safely determine that it is very anti-Sphinx.

Does Jace’s origin story pass the Bechdel test?
There are only three women in it, and none of them ever interact explicitly. So, NEGATORY MORNING GLORY.

Should you play blue at the prerelease?
If you like bounce spells and drawing cards and a light artifact sub-theme, yes!

Black: Liliana Vess
Liliana, Heretical HealerLiliana, Defiant Necromancer
TL;DR origin story:
Liliana’s brother is dying because Dominaria has always been a shitty place to live; Liliana talks to a man who is also apparently a raven (who might be Nicol Bolas??) while searching for some healing plant; Raven Bro reminds her she is full of dark magic and heck-of powerful; Liliana kills a bunch of witches while searching for said healing plant because she is heck-of powerful; Liliana gets into a fight with her mentor Lady Ana over using dark magic to heal people; Liliana kills her brother and brings him back to life as a tortured soul/zombie/demon thing; Liliana planeswalkers to Innistrad; Liliana lives a hojillion years until the Mending happens; Liliana makes a demonic pact with the help of Nicol Bolas in the interest of living a hojillion more years; the fourth demon is named Kothophed and he gives her eternal life but warns her that one day he’s gonna go all Rihanna on her over her debt, which is her soul, or something?

Is Liliana’s origin story feminist?
A robust feminist worldview accounts for the possibility of female villains and/or anti-heroes, and also Liliana is strong as hell, so yes!

Does Liliana’s origin story pass the Bechdel test?
Liliana and Lady Ana argue about Liliana’s brother, but it’s not romantic or sexual and they mostly discuss necromancy, so I’m gonna say: YES!

Should you play black at the prerelease?
If you like overcosted spot removal, zombies and really cool but probably not playable enchantments, yes!

Red: Chandra Nalaar
Chandra, Fire of KaladeshChandra, Roaring Flame
TL;DR origin story:
Chandra’s parents run an underground Aether smuggling ring, because the consuls of Ghirapur (a city on the plane of Kaladesh) are militant dickheads; Chandra isn’t great with machines, or book-learning, or most intellectual endeavors, so her parents enlist her as an Aether courier; Chandra’s first delivery is interrupted by some Ghirapur guards because there would be no drama in a successful delivery; Chandra starts shooting fire from her hands, because she is a pyromancer, and anger makes her catch on fire; Chandra torches a big machine factory in Ghirapur, destroying a bunch of robots and pissing off the consuls; Chandra and her parents flee to the countryside of Kaladesh, where she keeps setting things on fire; the Ghirapur military catches the Nalaars; Chandra’s parents die and she gets captured; Chandra planeswalks after exploding some bad military douches moments before she is to be executed; Chandra tries to explode some more people on Regatha, but they’re not explodable because the plane is BASICALLY JUST ALL FIRE (see Matthew’s story, above); Chandra is like Batman now, except poor and not a man named Bruce Wayne and less about bats and more about fire.

Is Chandra’s origin story feminist?
All of the women are fierce, the bad men get exploded, and Chandra gets to become the fiery lady version of Batman, so YES YES YES!

Does Chandra’s origin story pass the Bechdel test?
Chandra pretty much only ever talks about how she can set things on fire, regardless of who she’s talking to. Plus the other two strongest characters in the story are women so: DING DONG! BECHDEL TEST PASSED!

Should you play red at the prerelease?
If you like solid creatures and solid removal and solid late-game finishers and setting your opponents on fire, yes!

Green: Nissa Revane
Nissa, Vastwood SeerNissa, Sage Animist
TL;DR origin story:
Nissa Revane has night terrors about the darkness within Zendikar (read: Eldrazi); Nissa leaves her tribe of the Joraga so her mother doesn’t get exiled along with her; Nissa realizes her visions are of the soul of Zendikar; Nissa realizes her dumb friend Mazik has tailed her; Mazik and Nissa go on crazy adventures while following the soul of Zendikar, wherein Nissa realizes she’s basically the Zendikari version of Toph Beifong (but not blind); Nissa kills some vampires using her nature magic (read: earthbending); Nissa and Mazik locate the darkness within Zendikar (read: ELDRAZI, again) at the top of a cliff in Akoum; Mazik runs away with Nissa’s Zendikar-soul-pet-thing, which is presumably Ashaya (?); Nissa planeswalks away from the Eldrazi’s oppressive darkness and ends up on Lorwyn; Nissa befriends some Gilt-Leaf elves, including the head Daen in charge, Dwynen; Nissa gets invited to go on an eyeblight hunt, before realizing “eyeblight” usually means “helpless boggart goblin”; Nissa becomes an enemy of the aforementioned Gilt-Leaf elves; the Great Aurora arrives to transform Lorwyn into Shadowmoor; the Great Aurora tries to make Nissa into a powerful Lorwyn god-being-elf-thing (??); Nissa’s all like “LOL NOPE” and planeswalks her elf self back to Zendikar, because apparently the Eldrazi are less scary than horned elves and the northern lights.

Is Nissa’s origin story feminist?
Strong female protagonist with awesome only-you-can-save-your-world mission, sweet-ass connection to all living things, sick bow/spear/sword hunting skills. DARN TOOTIN’ IT’S FEMINIST.

Does Nissa’s origin story pass the Bechdel test?
She only talks to Dwynen for like four seconds before she peaces out of Lorwyn, but they do kill a couple goblins together and talk about her lack of horns instead of boys or whatever, so soft yes?

Should you play green at the prerelease?
If you like ramp spells and fatty creatures across all rarities and not much else in the way of card diversity, or if you ship Toph/Nissa (Topha? Nistoph?), then yes!

So there you have it: your complete feminist decision matrix for which color to choose at the Magic Origins prerelease. I’m going to turn you back over to Matthew now, as I promised him I’d call my sister Valerie to see if she could help ease his pain. She’s a frenetic sliver; we’re hoping we can phase him out of the fire!

Take care, everyone! May your prerelease pools be intersectional and filled with red spells bomb rares!

OH GOD EVERYTHING IS STILL BURNING PLEASE SEND HELP–oh hi everyone. I hope you found meat’s discussion regarding the Magic Origins prerelease to be informative and educational. I’m sure I would have found it to be exactly that, was I not too busy being on fire and whatnot.

Until next time,
Matthew “ALL I KNOW IS BURNING” Martell

June 25, 2015 / by Aric Fehrenbacher

Starcraft 2 is the greatest sport ever created by humanity. There, I said it.

Now, I know some of you out there in the blogosphere may want to dismiss the phenomenon known as E-Sports as an annoying infringement by those pesky nerds stealing the sacred “S” word from good and proper sports like curling and table tennis.

But the simple fact is that while even the NFL has seen steadily declining admissions since 2007 (side-note: go hawks) the audiences for E-Sports events have grown to Thunderdome-like proportions.

IEM World Championship

E-Sports are booming and with million dollar prize pools and swarms of rabid fans (there are fantasy League of Legends leagues…let that sink in) these games are only going to get bigger.

Now in my humble and undisputedly correct opinion Starcraft 2 is the greatest E-Sport of all E-sports.

“But Aric,” you chirp,“What makes Starcraft so amazing?”

Because Starcraft 2 is simultaneously the chess, pistol duel, and professional wrestling of the E-Sports world.

For example:

1. ) There are WWE levels of showboating.

Renaldo’s got nothing on FireBatHero.

2.) It requires an insane amount of superhuman dexterity and quick thinking.

300 APM=6 actions per second.

3.) There are crushing defeats and epic comebacks, ALL THE TIME.

If you didn’t understand what just happened, it was crushing. Trust me.

Hopefully, if you’ve made it this far, I’ve at least piqued your interest in Starcraft because now we can get to the point of this post.

This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Gamma Ray Games will be hosting replays of the World Championship Starcraft Finals and the Global Starcraft League Code S (code S means the baddest players in all of badassdom) matches as it is pretty much impossible to show them live.


So come in, hang out, and let’s talk Starcraft and if you don’t know how to talk Starcraft then feel free to ask me what the hell is going on every couple of minutes because I’ll probably be providing my own live commentary anyway.


Aric F.



June 23, 2015 / by Eric

Then we’re the place for you! Conveniently located at the corner of gender and sexuality at the gateway to Seattle’s legendary Capitol Hill neighborhood,

Now with rainbow crosswalks!

Now with rainbow crosswalks!

we’re right next to the action and just off the beaten path.

With our full barcade of classic titles like Street Fighter II & Turtles in Time,


we’re the perfect pop cultural respite for you should you need a little nerdy or geeky time in the Emerald City.

Welcome. Welcome.

Welcome. Welcome.

We’ve even got 3 special events for you while you’re here! Starting on Thursday night with our very gay edition of our weekly Geek Out Trivia Night. Come out, meet some people, and test your geeky mettle as local fave Philip Seymour challenges Iron Quizomancer Andrew in our unique Iron Trivia format that at least one person has taken to calling, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show of Trivia Nights.”

Come on up to the lab.

Come on up to the lab.

Then on Saturday, we’ve got Magic Drafting at Noon and our weekly Standard Tournament at 4pm, both of which are welcoming to guests and boast a healthy GLBT population.

Both on and off the table.

On and off the table.

And finally, on Sunday, you are invited to join us for our Queer Geek boardgame meet up. It’ll be a great afternoon to relax and play some games with friends new and old as you wind down from your crazy weekend and try to remember what exactly did happen last night.

You can learn more about these and all of our other events on our Special Events Page. If you have any additional questions about Seattle, the neighborhood, the scene, or anything else while you’re in town, don’t hesitate to call or come by and we’ll get you sorted.

See you soon,


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