April 10, 2015 / by Eric

Of course you do. And knowing that, we’ve got a series of great weekly, monthly and annual events coming up for you that are perfect for doing both of those things.

First up are our weekly Friday Guided Games series, where we bring you brand new games hosted by their creators and enthusiasts. This is a fun easy way to try new games and meet new people in a friendly neighborhood environment. This month our series features Terrene Odyssey on the 10th, Shadow of the Elder Gods & Skulldug on the 17th and, on the 24th, as part of our very special Party Games Edition hosted by Special Guest JoJo Stiletto, Professor of Nerdlesque, we’ve got Slash, That’s What She Said and Just Four Kicks for you.

Your host, in her natural environment.

Your host, in her natural environment.

Next up is our monthly Queer Geek Boardgame Meetup on the last Sunday of every month featuring brunch drink specials and a particularly gay friendly environment (let’s be real, our environment is always gay, lesbian, trans, poly & queer friendly, that’s just how we do, but on Queer Geek Sundays we really try to go all out).

Our Sunday staff have even been known to cosplay a bit for it.

We’re still trying to find the right look for it. Something that says, “come in, enjoy a mimosa.”

And finally, if you really (a lot of italics this week) want to meet new people and try new games then this (see what I mean?) is your lucky weekend because it’s International Tabletop Day this Saturday which means that we’ll have games and hosts coming in from Passport Games, Laboratory Games and Game Company Number 3, Across the Board Games, A Podcast for All Intents & Purposes and Geek Out Trivia to demo and teach you and your fellow Hillfolk new games in a friendly, welcoming environment all day long.

So come on out! Meet some new people and play some new games. It’s safe, it’s fun, it’s friendly and it’s happening all the time right here at Capitol Hill’s Geek HQ, the Raygun Lounge.

April 07, 2015 / by Eric

2015 is turning out to be the best year ever and we’re going to celebrate it with you at every turn we get. Starting with bringing back FFFPT!

Or Facebook Fan Festival Party Time as it’s known on “the streets.”

You feel me?

You feel me?

Yeah you do.

You feel me.

Stay in school.

Stay in school!

That’s right. The moment that Gamma Ray Games Facebook page hits 1900 likes, I do a special dance,

and I hand out FREE T-SHIRTS to the first 19 unsuspecting people that walk through the door.

Mailman! Free shirt. Lady with a baby who wants to use the bathroom. Free shirts. For both of you. Baby gets a mens small. He’ll grow into it. Pee Wee Herman? What are you doing here? Free Shirt. Also mens small because… you’ll look great. Really. Just go with me on this. Whoa! Not that far, Pee Wee! My god, man! Decorum. You, walking in unexpectedly on Pee Wee and I, “lalalalala,” FREE SHIRT.

It’s just that goddamn easy! Free shirts for everybody forever!*


*First 19 people to walk through the door only, don’t listen to Eric when he gets like this. The breakfast cereal will wear off soon. -Amy

March 24, 2015 / by Eric

Come on up and see us!

We’re just a short walk away from the Convention Center through Seattle’s premiere Capitol Hill neighborhood. Not only do we have food, drinks (including a beer and cider bar), a tabletop game library and a retro arcade for you


but we’ve got great events for you all weekend long!

Starting with Party Games Night on Friday Night! Across the Board Games, That’s What She Said, Skulldug and Sindicate Lager team up to bring you a fun, friendly, welcoming night of party gaming. This is a GREAT way to get to know people and start your con right.

Then, Saturday, at noon and 4pm. We give you your first chance anywhere to draft Magic’s exciting new Dragons of Tarkir set. Drafts will be 2 Dragons 1 Fate, cost $15 per person, run in three round swiss style pods of 8 and have generous prize support. This is a GREAT way to give the new set a spin and come out with some high value cards.

Then, on Saturday Night, come and join the creators of Rat Queens and their special guests from throughout the comics industry for our 2nd Annual Rat Queens Social Club, a meet and greet benefit for Gay City.

Rat Queens

And finally, to help you recover from the Rat Queens Social Club and the Pink Party, our BFFs from Queer Geek are hosting a special Comicon edition of their monthly Boardgame Meetup for you to meet people, play games and have a GREAT Emerald City Comicon experience!

So come on up and see us! We promise that we’ll have something fun and engaging for you to do see and experience every day that you are here from noon until at least 10pm every night (later on Saturday ;) ).

March 12, 2015 / by Eric


You know it’s busy around here when the last event update was a season ago and the monthly update comes out two weeks into the month! Be that as it may, we’ve got a lot coming up for you so let’s dive right in!

First up, we’re thrilled to be hosting our first poetry reading since the AWP was in town, Luke Bloomfield and Mike Young’s Western Snowmelt Tour!

Western Snowmelt

After that, it’s all about the Dragons of Tarkir.


We’ll have Prerelease Events on Mar 21st & 22nd ($30 buy in, events at noon and 6pm, preregistration is now open in-person or over the phone) and Release Drafts on March 28th (Noon & 4pm, $15 buy in, registration opens on day of event).

But the big news around here in March is always Emerald City Comicon. Which means that we’ll have very special episodes of both our monthly Party Games Night and our Queer Geek Boardgame Meetups for you. We’ll also be running our Indie Press Revolution booth at the entrance of the North Galleria for Games on Demand. And we’ll be hosting our Second Annual Rat Queens After Party as a fundraiser for Gay City.

Rat Queens

So come on out and see what we’ve got going for you! We’ve got open gaming tables, a well stocked game library and a calendar full of great events for you when you do.

See you soon,


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