February 08, 2016 / by Eric

Here at Gamma Labs, our certified magic technicians are constantly working to design you the best experience possible.

Our technicians at work.

As the direct result of their efforts, along with extensive testing and feedback from staff and players…

We acknowledge that there have been some legitimate concerns raised about Aric‘s methodology during his portion of the testing process but I can assure you that those are being looked into and will be dealt with in an appropriate manner

…we present to you Deluxe Drafting and The New Modern (boy, it’s been a while since I’ve used that particular rebranding phrase.)

Deluxe Drafting
Starting this Saturday, February 13th, our new drafting price of $17.50 will now include a complimentary ticket that you can use a acquire any one of our most popular food and drink items absolutely free. Rainier tall boys, Jones sodas and grilled cheese for the people! Drafting will continue to be every Saturday at noon and 4pm.

The New Modern
Starting next Wednesday, February 17th, our weekly Modern tournament is going to become sanctioned and have an entrance fee of $12.50 so we can double our prize support and add in the same free food and drink tickets that our Saturday drafters are getting.

2016 is going to be a fun and exciting year for us and you can look forward to a lot of big improvements in the weeks and months to come. As always, if you have any ideas, suggestions, questions, comments or concerns, come on by and lay ’em on us. We are right here and excited to engage this community that we are so thrilled to personally be a part of.


January 01, 2016 / by Dominic DiGiovanni

On January 16th, we’re going to once more power up the Large Cardboard Collider and smash some faces together as close to the speed of light as we can manage without unintentionally opening a black hole that devours the entire world from inside out.

That’s because once more it’s Pre-Release time! And with Oath of the Gatewatch we’re going to confirm the recent discovery of colorless mana. I say confirm because of course it was always assumed to exist.

Fourth Law of Thermodynamics: OH SHIT IT’S KOZILEK!

The Standard Particle Model of Magic the Gathering is one of my new favorite parts of the game. As the design space fills, Rosewater et al. tread further into the strange and exotic combinations which previously would have been considered “impossible“.

Don't tell me how to hherp. I was hherping while you were still an undergrad.

Don’t tell me how to hherp. I was hherping while you were still an undergrad.

Nothing is impossible! The impossible is merely the the blood on the knife’s edge of Magical Science! We’ve always known about Manlands, but what about basic land type keyed, always on manlands? We’ve got that. Artifact Creatures? What about Enchantment Creatures! Enchantment Everything!

And as we build bigger Cardboard Accelerators, we can look to the future. Enchantment lands, Creature Instants… Instant Sorceries! Redundant you say? Covered by existing keywords? This is merely the mathematical hand waving of a curve fitting quitter! Even the format of our pre-release is predicted by organic carbon chain multiplayer. Two-Headed Giant? Why not Eight?!


Heads?!?? I’ll show you heads!

You too can join us in our relentless pursuit of collectible card truth. We’ll be hosting three rounds of experiments (scientific method, you know): One at noon on Saturday the 16th, another at 5pm on that same Saturday, and one at noon on Sunday the 17th. Participation in the raw exhilaration of laboratory gameplay is a mere $30.

Actual scientists working in our state of the art mana acceleration facility.

Actual scientists working in our state of the art mana acceleration facility.

So remember, when things change in the wide world of Magic and people grumble: the rules aren’t really changing. We just collected more evidence is all.

December 19, 2015 / by Eric

YES! We will be OPEN every day between now and Christmas! Including MONDAY! And! CHRISTMAS EVE!

But don’t worry! No employees will be harmed or even inconvenienced by our decision to do this because this Christmas Eve, shopkeep Eric will be coming in with his voluntary co-host Andrew to perform their Annual Holiday Show while Aric, Dominic and Rune are all safe and cozy in bed with visions of candy canes and gumdrops dancing in their heads.

Yes, while the staff hallucinate through their afternoons as the result of their highly questionable choices the night before, Andrew and Eric will be performing all of their classic holiday routines. Who knows, we may even have special guests!

Jake on kazoo, ladies and gentlemen!

Jake on kazoo, ladies and gentlemen!

There’ll be laughing, and dancing and festivities galore!

So whether you’re looking for a last minute prewrapped white elephant or secret santa gift, dropping off used games for our annual Treehouse Game Drive or just coming by to buy a great game for a gift or to play with your friends or relatives this Christmas, come on by, any time, for the next 7 days and we’ll be here for you.

December 17, 2015 / by Eric

Every Christmas for the past… oh… seven years or so, we’ve partnered with the Treehouse Wearhouse to provide FREE NEW GAMES AND TOYS to Seattle area foster kids and their families during the holiday season. It’s something I’m very personally proud of and I’m happy to be doing it again this year.

we ask that you bring in your old, games, toys and collectibles to us between now and December 22nd. We actually take these used items and sell them. Then we take the money raised from those sales to buy new items from ourselves at steep discounts that we then give, for free, to the Treehouse Wearhouse.

I explain this carefully, using a lot of commas and italics, because last year we had a large number of wonderful, well-meaning people get confused, buy used games from Value Village and then drop them off directly with us. That actually doesn’t work very well because we don’t give the kids used games (they can go to Value Village themselves for that), we buy them new games with the monies that we raise from the projected sales of the donated games (and frankly, used kids games from Value Village really just don’t have very much of a resale value on the open market.)

Like I said before, just bring in your old games, toys and collectibles. The ones that you already have sitting around in your closet. Then we’ll sell them and use the proceeds to buy the kids new games.

It’s JUST THAT EASY. At least for you. You get a clean game closet just before Christmas (you see what we did just there together?), we get a bunch of fun used games to sell in 2016, and Seattle’s foster kids and their families get great free hand-selected family games for their Christmas.

And say, did I mention that we also have a great selection of new and used games, toys and collectibles for all of your holiday shopping needs this season as well?

So come on down, donate some used games, pick up some new or used games, take advantage of our amazing free wrapping system (when available, time permitting) and make a difference in your community all in one fell swoop. You’ll have a great time and be glad that you did.

December 17, 2015 / by Eric

Tonight! Thursday, December 17th, at 8pm (7:30 if you actually want seats, 6:30 if you want dinner) at the ever exciting Raygun Lounge it’s…



Birthday girl Kelly Young!

santa kelly

Santa kissing booth with Mr. T.

Santa T

And shopkeep Eric Logan as Fezziwig in A Turkish Christmas Carol.*

At least two of the three appearances listed here are actually real.

*At least two of the three appearances listed here are actually real.


Live Kazoo Music! Celebrity Podcasters! Silly hats! Prizes! Geeky Trivia!

It’s all FREE!**

**But drink some beer and eat some nachos anyway, you cheap bastards. It’s how we pay the rent on those tables you sit at.

December 09, 2015 / by Eric

We get it. You work with nerds. Geeks. Dorks. And they’re wonderful people. They really are. But you can’t understand a word that they’re saying. And now you’ve just been assigned one in the Secret Santa raffle and you know nothing about the interests on their list.


Because we’ve got you TOTALLY COVERED. We’ve got a whole stack of beautifully prewrapped gifts.

Oh so wonderful.

oh so beautifully

All labeled by themes (including such subjects on your list as “Star Wars,” “Dungeons & Dragons” and “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”!) clearly priced to fit within your proscribed Secret Santa budget! Yes we do!


We get it. You yourself are one of those superior people sometimes referred to as nerds, geeks or dorks. And you’re on your way to a work, family or friend White Elephant gift exchange. But you’re late! Oh so late! And you need a sweet wonderfully prewrapped gift!

so wonderfully wrapped.

so wonderfully wrapped

We’ve got them! In preselected themes that you yourself are interested in (like “Warrior Princesses,” “Pretty Pretty Ponies,” AND “Magic, the Gathering”)! All clearly priced to fit within your proscribed White Elephant budget!


Some come on down and check out our sweet, sweet prewrapped holiday wares for all of your last minute Secret Santa and White Elephant gift buying needs. You’ll be THRILLED that you did!


November 23, 2015 / by Eric

While we laud REI’s recent decision to close on the Friday after Thanksgiving to “send all of their staff out into the wilderness,” our staff have actually asked us very specifically to never send them out into the woods again.

actual image of staff in wilderness

actual image of staff interacting with nature the last time that they ever did it

Instead, knowing that they will have just spent a wonderful day together “eating, drinking and hanging out in my parent’s hot tub together” (actual quote, pics to follow), the staff decided to go the traditional route with their post-Thanksgiving Friday and announce our


ALL NEW BOARDGAMES & RPG BOOKS, buy one get a second one (of equal or lesser value) for HALF OFF! (that’s insane! WE KNOW!)

discounted up to 40% OFF (see comments about INSANITY above)

ALL MAGIC SINGLES 15% OFF All of them! Which of them? ALL OF THEM!

ALL MAGIC INSTA-COLLECTIONS HALF OFF That’s an INCREDIBLE DEAL on magic cards right there, let me tell you.

All in the name of BRAK.


And yes, I think it’s as strange as you do that of all of the amazing cartoon characters that America has produced, Brak would be the only one to end up with a major holiday named after him.

Maybe it’s because he did a Very Special Thanksgiving Episode?

I don’t know. But we’re not going to let anything as simple as a complete lack of cultural of historical understanding stop us from continuing to celebrate Brak Friday in it’s traditional manner; with absurdist humor, oddly proportioned costumes, silly voices and DEALS ALL DAY.

So come on down and see us! You’ll be glad you did!

October 28, 2015 / by Eric

As everybody knows from our frequent collaborations with Queer Geek Seattle, our hosting of Cosplay Seattle, our support for GeekGirlCon and our regulars’ notoriety for genderbent cosplay,

Yes. Oh, oh yes.

Yes. Oh, oh yes.

we are a fun, safe, place for people of all genders, sexualities, ethnicities and phenotypes to get together and play dress up.

And what better time to do that than Dia de los Muertos or its lesser known American cousin “Halloween.” Both of which are days that we will be open, slingin’ the beers, playin’ the pinball,

Like a champ, baby. Like. A. Champ.

Like a champ, baby. Like. A. Champ.

aaaand if you show up in costume, handing out free goodies. That’s right! We’re bringing back “the goodie bowl!” Come by in costume this Friday or Saturday and we’ll give you a FREE mini, collectible or rando thing that we found from our sweet, sweet bowl.

Ah, sweet bowls.

See you soon.


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