November 17, 2016 / by Eric

Yes, Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

You tell 'em, old white guy!

You tell ’em, old white guy!

And that means it’s time to stock up on board games to have something to avoid talking about politics, religion or sports engage in a fun fulfilling activity with your family and friends.

And we’ve got a ton of great new party and family games like Codenames and Machi Koro as well as perennial holiday classics like Gloom (no, really, it’s great) for you to do so with.

Burned out on Catan? Give Machi Koro a spin!

Burned out on Catan? Give Machi Koro a spin!

But, of course, Thanksgiving isn’t just about carefully guiding and navigating activities and communication in between stuffing face…

Hulk cannot hear me over the taste of this turkey.

Hulk cannot hear me over the taste of this turkey.

…it’s also about exchanging those Christmas lists. No, it is. You know it is. And don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there too with our annual Brak Friday and Small Business Saturday< sales right after!

Hey buddy!

Hey buddy!

Where you can take advantage of some of the sweetest buy one get one half off deals in the entire multiverse! And don’t worry, as we’ve clarified before, no staff will be harmed in any way by your participation in these humane retail events. Here at Gamma Ray Games, we care about community.

Stay in school!

Stay in school!

So come on down and check out our newly remodeled (yes, again!), totally updated (we’re using Square now!) retail space and let us take all, most, or at least some of the holiday stress off your shoulders. Whether you’re looking for the perfect game to play with family or buy as a gift, we’re super knowledgeable, easy to talk to and fun to be around (plus, if you shop long enough, we’ll sell you some beer!).

Raygun Lounge. Now serving beer delivered by Conan. Even if you have a giant werewolf problem.

The Raygun Lounge. Now serving beer delivered by Conan. Even if you have a giant werewolf problem.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

November 23, 2015 / by Eric

While we laud REI’s recent decision to close on the Friday after Thanksgiving to “send all of their staff out into the wilderness,” our staff have actually asked us very specifically to never send them out into the woods again.

actual image of staff in wilderness

actual image of staff interacting with nature the last time that they ever did it

Instead, knowing that they will have just spent a wonderful day together “eating, drinking and hanging out in my parent’s hot tub together” (actual quote, pics to follow), the staff decided to go the traditional route with their post-Thanksgiving Friday and announce our


ALL NEW BOARDGAMES & RPG BOOKS, buy one get a second one (of equal or lesser value) for HALF OFF! (that’s insane! WE KNOW!)

discounted up to 40% OFF (see comments about INSANITY above)

ALL MAGIC SINGLES 15% OFF All of them! Which of them? ALL OF THEM!

ALL MAGIC INSTA-COLLECTIONS HALF OFF That’s an INCREDIBLE DEAL on magic cards right there, let me tell you.

All in the name of BRAK.


And yes, I think it’s as strange as you do that of all of the amazing cartoon characters that America has produced, Brak would be the only one to end up with a major holiday named after him.

Maybe it’s because he did a Very Special Thanksgiving Episode?

I don’t know. But we’re not going to let anything as simple as a complete lack of cultural of historical understanding stop us from continuing to celebrate Brak Friday in it’s traditional manner; with absurdist humor, oddly proportioned costumes, silly voices and DEALS ALL DAY.

So come on down and see us! You’ll be glad you did!